Campers in a circle, Camp Owahta 2013

Campers participating in activities.

Track and Field at 4-H Camp Owahta
Image by Leah Potter

Campers participating in activities.

4-H Camp Owahta, 2013; soccer

Campers participating in activities.

Session Dates & Themes - 4-H Camp Owahta Summer Program


Session 1: June 25-30 Klondike Day

Kick off your summer with us as we jump into Klondike day! Gold has been found in the hills of Camp Owahta, and you get to stake your claim! Join us for a day of western themed fun as you go to our carnival, and meet all your favorite western characters like Butch Cassidy, Annie Oaklie, and Black Bart! 

Kayaking Trip available, limited availability. Campers must be 12 and pass swim test to participate in Kayaking trip. Trip is an additional $50 charge. 

Session 2: July 2-7 Magic Day

You have been accepted to the Owahta Academy of Magic, Congratulations! Start off the day by getting sorted into your house, then spend some time exploring our enchanting world, and work toward winning the "Owahta House Cup"! We will make mystical charms, intriguing potions and magic wands.

Fishing Trip available, limited availability. Trip is an additional $20 charge. 

Session 3: July 9-14 Superhero Day

Grab your capes and masks, and prepare for a supercharged day of non-stop action! The City of Owahtaville has been invaded by the ultimate crime villain and everything has been turned upside down! Is there any hope left? It's up to our favorite superheroes to save the day! As always, a superhero is only as good as their secret identity-- are you up to the challenge?

Baseball Trip this week, limited availability. Trip is an additional $50 charge. 

Session 4: July 16-21 Camp Competition Week

Welcome to our first ever Camp Competition Week! Enjoy a week filled with your favorite camp activities as you compete to win for your side. Who will win? Boys Side, Girls Side, or Day Camp? Play fun games like 4-Square, foosball, and Soccer. Show your creative side by singing songs, performing skits and participating in our arts competition!

Session 5: July 23-28 Pirates Day

Look out, Pirates! The HMS Owahta has been boarded by pirates. Will you be the one to help the captain save our ship? Will you side with Black Beard instead? The choice is yours to make! Help make rafts and dig for buried treasure on Pirates Day!

Session 6: July 30-August 4 Disney Day

Spend Thursday of Week 6 with your favorite Disney characters. Cinderella, Prince Charming, Elsa, Mufasa, and many others will bring imagination to life during Disney Day!

Baseball Trip this week, limited availability. Trip is an additional $50 charge. 

Session 7: August 6-11 Olympic Week

On your marks, get set, GO! The race is on for our 29TH Annual Olympics! Will this be the year you go down in the record book? Help bring your country to glory through sports, art, and drama activities, all while enjoying the camaraderie of your friends! COVID-19 will necessitate a change in the traditional format of our Olympic Games, but we are working hard to provide a program that is just as memorable and fun as before! (Please note that a $10 additional fee is added for the Olympic T-shirt).

Last updated January 28, 2023