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CIT Program 2024

The 4-H Camp Owahta CIT Program is designed for campers aged 15 and 16 who would like to hone their Counselor skills and take on new responsibilities at camp. These campers should have the intention of becoming a counselor and reflect that in their maturity.

The 4-H Camp Owahta CIT program focuses on teaching campers practical leadership skills that can be used both at camp, and in their everyday lives. CIT’s will learn how to manage a cabin, discuss camp safety, and learn group dynamics and leadership used with peers and kids.

The average camp day for CIT’s will consist of; helping in activity areas, training with the CIT Director, leading activities with younger kids, and participating in all your favorite camp activities as well!

The CIT program is offered weeks 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 and campers may register for as many CIT Weeks as they would like.  To register as a CIT use the normal camp registration link and choose the CIT session for that week. The fee for CIT is $100. They are required to be resident campers unless there are medical circumstances that make it unfeasible for overnight.

Last updated January 28, 2024