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Grandma got a Scam call from a Reindeer

December 14, 2020

by Jennifer Leach, Associate Director, Division of Consumer and Business Education, FTC

Grandma got a scam call from a reindeer

When it comes to unwanted calls, there are a few universal truths. First, you can’t trust caller ID. Second, nobody likes a robocall. And third, it’s all about call blocking. If you watch The Mandalorian, here’s where you say, “This is the Way.” (If you don’t watch it, this just means: call blocking…it’s good.)

On the 7th day of Consumer Protection, watch this video to find out how to block scam calls — from scammy reindeer and others — on your mobile phone.

How to Stop Calls on My Mobile Phone

And visit ftc.gov/calls to learn to block calls on home phones, whether they’re landlines or VoIP. Even better, share the call-blocking news with grandma and anybody else who might have complained to you about those annoying calls they’re getting. And tell them happy holidays from the FTC.


Barbara Henza
Financial & Consumer Educator; Marketing/Human Resources
607-391-2660 x407

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