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Get involved with CCE! We welcome your interest and ideas!



Would you join CCE staff in helping to solve real problems facing the community? Whether you are a past program participant or maybe a student looking to meet service requirements, there is something for you! 

Volunteer tasks depend pm each person’s interests, skills, and time commitment. Past and present volunteers include 4-H club parents and leaders, tax preparation assistants, clerical helpers, and special event support, just to name a few. To learn more about volunteering opportunities, please call the Main Office with your name, phone number, interests, and availability.


Internships may be available for volunteers able to make a regular time commitment, typically during business hours. Some of the benefits of an internship with CCE include college credit (if applicable), a boost to resumes, valuable connections with community partners, and the opportunity to learn new skills. Past interns have been involved in data entry, finance, nutrition programs, and youth development. Internships are unpaid.

Board Members & Advisory Councils

CCE of Cortland County relies on members of the community to provide feedback, support, guidance, and new perspectives. Commitments vary. Call us for details!

Last updated January 16, 2020