2016 Achievement Night

Rebecca Ireland-Perry, 4-H Resource Educator

4-H Local Products - Fall Fundraiser

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Achievement Night

Welcome to the 4-H Achievement Night 2023!

Holiday Workshop

4-H Holiday Workshops November 18th.

4-H Tractor Safety Program 2016

Tractor Certification Classes start March 14,2024 !

4-H Youth

Cortland County 4-H is the youth development program of Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Cortland County. 4-H is an opportunity for boys and girls to learn and develop life skills that may assist them in becoming responsible adults. We operate clubs, community events, after-school programs, and a summer camp. Our focus includes developing life skills, encouraging leadership development, science education, agricultural and livestock skills, and healthy living. Want to join or volunteer? 

Contact us! 607-391-2660 or 607-428-1300.

  • Rebecca Ireland-Perry - 4-H Team Leader
  • Chelsea Jones--CCE Ag Leader and Youth Non-Dairy Livestock
  • Lisa Woodruff- CCE & Youth Horticulture Educator
  • Jackie Hartnett - 4-H Admin Assistant II / 4-H Horse Mgr.


Saturday, November 4th

Cortland County 4-H members, leaders, family, and friends were in attendance to celebrate the closing of the 2021-2022 and beginning the new 4-H year. The program started out with fun activities and games in the reception area at the Cincinnatus School. At 6:00PM the program opened with our Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Teen Council President William Mathy . Opening ceremony started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the 4-H Pledge and The National Anthem. Throughout the evening ceremony special recognition to 4-H’ers, 4-H club and families for their outstanding achievements.

Seal of Achievement Recognition to 4-H clubs: County Cackleberries, Dairy Dreamers, Marathon Maple Sugars, 4-H Teen Council, and Super Seekers.

National 4-H Week - 4-H Club Recognition for their displays: Cincy Country Kids, Marathon Maple Sugars and Super Seekers.

Top Display - National 4-H Mall -$25 Gift Certificate to theCincy Country Kids and

Top Poster - National 4-H Mall $15 Gift Certificate to the Super Seekers.

Honor Secretaries: One of the key roles for secretaries is to send in their reports on or before the 7th of each month on a regular basis.

Certificates and secretary pen to all.

Madison Head - Dairy Dreamers

Nadia Phelps -4-H Teen Council

Brooks Closson- Cincy Country Kids

Super Seekers- Alida Phelps & Zahara Petrella

Hannah Wilbur-Eastern Valley

Top Honor Secretary – Nadia Phelps receives a green journal notebook &pen.

Community Service: Clubs recognition for their community service reports completed throughout the year.

Cincy Country Kids, County Cackelberries, Dairy Dreamers, 4-H Teen Council, Marathon Maple Sugars and Super Seekers.

Top Community Service: National 4-H Mall $25 Gift Certificate to the The Dairy Dreamers.

Public Presentations: Clubs recognized for participating in the county - County Cackleberries, 4-H Teen Council and Super Seekers.

PPP District Level - “Sliver Award Chocolate Bar” - Nate Crispell, Damian Mathy, Nate Mathy, Zahara Petrella and Erika Olsen.

Recognition to 4-H Members project areas:

Dairy: Everett Brayman

Livestock: Cole Mills

Agriculture: Katie Metcalf.


This is an award that some years is very easy to choose who we want, and other years it takes a little longer with more thought and more information gathering. The criteria are growth in their 4-H project areas, for “All Around”. Their willingness to try new things and expand their horizons, they don’t necessarily have to be the best at everything they do, even the failures and struggles show growth and understanding that maybe that one thing just wasn’t right for them. A very important part of being considered for this award is participation in public presentations, which is one of the key elements of the 4-H Youth Development Program. All of our award recipients today are very worthy of the variety of project areas that they participated in.

12-14 Year old:

Ruby Metcalf and Nate Crispell


Zahara Petrella and Erika Olsen

In closing the Achievement Night Awards evening, the Teen Council youth members held a traditional Candlelight Ceremony and refreshments were shared to end the evening.

Thank you to sponsors, volunteers, friends, parents, grandparents, alumni 4-H’ers and businesses that support and sponsored awards for the youth fair and year-end. 

Last updated January 18, 2024