New Hire Paperwork

Contingent Offer and Background Check Paperwork

Congratulations on your contingent offer to work at CCE Cortland Please complete and return the following paperwork after you have received a contingent job offer letter. We must receive these forms and complete your background screenings before we can send your official offer of employment. 

There are two options for completing your required paperwork.

★ Option 1: fill it out online

If you submit these forms online through Adobe Sign, they will be sent directly and securely to our HR team. 

Option 2: fill it out on paper

If you are unable to fill out your paperwork online, you will need to fill it out on paper and drop it off at the CCE Tompkins office. Instructions:

  1. Print out the forms 
  2. Complete and sign the forms, then put them in a sealed envelope labeled “For HR - Contingent Offer Paperwork”.
  3. Mail them to the CCECC office or drop them off during CCECC office hours. Our office location and hours can be found on our website.

Do not email paperwork. To ensure the security and confidentiality of your data, do not email these forms to HR or share them with your hiring manager. Instead, use one of the two methods above.

New Hire Paperwork

Congratulations on being officially hired at CCE Tompkins! After you've received your final offer letter, you will need to complete your new hire paperwork no later than your first day of work.

Bring your original I-9 identification on your first day of work. Check the I-9 form for details on which forms of identification are accepted.

After you receive an Official Offer of Employment letter from Cooperative Extension, please visit the links below and complete the forms. These forms must be returned TOGETHER AND COMPLETE to your HR Representative NO LATER than the end of your first day, along with the required forms of identification for I-9 completion. If you need paper copies, please contact your HR Representative or come into the office. Thank you.

  1. I-9 Form link - (see acceptable id and form instructions on the main website ( if needed.  Originals of identification MUST be brought to the office on the first day of employment.
  2. W-4 (Federal Tax Form) and IT-2104 (NY State tax form) - this process should be completed via Workday once you have been entered into our system.  
  3. Direct Deposit (optional):  Instructions  Please note that this is an online process that must be done via Workday, rather than using an actual form.
  4. New York State Retirement (available to all employees, required for all full time staff):  Please review Informational slides on NYS Retirement.  If not electing, employees must sign a Waiver of Election Form and Survivor Benefit Form (for complimentary life insurance policy provided as part of employment).  To elect and assign beneficiaries, complete the Election Form and the Designation of Beneficiary form. SOME OF THESE RETIREMENT FORMS MUST BE NOTARIZED (public notary can be found at most banks).  Please remember that this is mandatory for all full time employees.  If you do not enroll, you will be contacted by benefits services at a later date and will be required to enroll and pay extra payments to catch up.

Get Help With Your Paperwork

If you need help or an accommodation to complete these forms, please contact our HR  (607)391-2660.


Barbara Henza
Financial & Consumer Educator; Marketing/Human Resources
607-391-2660 x407

Last updated September 14, 2023