Day Camp -

Come to Day Camp this summer! 

Day Camp Fee is:

$200 per week  (Weeks 1,2,3,4, &5)   

and $210 Olympic Week 6

Bus Transportation is Available for Day Campers

This is for our camper friends from ages 6 to 16!

Have the best of what camp offers while having the opportunity to go home and spend time with family in the evenings. While at camp, there is no difference in between Residential Campers and Day campers when it comes to daily programs. 

You get participate in all regular programming and even the special theme days! And during the Residential campers "rest" period, you get "Day Camp Time" where you and your friends get to participate in special programming made just for you by our Program Director! Every day is a surprise on what you will do!

One thing that set our Day camp apart from many others is that Lunch is included with the cost of registration. No worrying about packing a lunch each night, or having to drive out to camp if your camper forgets their lunch. 

Additionally, we provide transportation, at no extra cost, to and from camp each and every day! See the below list of stops and times!


Pick Up Time                   Location where the bus will be:               Return/Drop Off Time

 .....  or your family may choose to transport  ....

Additional Paperwork is Requested Health History of Campers Attending.

Once you have answered the camper Health History on-line while registering your child for summer camp - it is also required to have current Physical Form from your family physician or from School for any camper attending the 2018 summer programs at 4-H Camp Owahta. 

PRESCRIPTION AND NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS ~ If it is necessary for your child to receive any medication (prescription or over-the-counter) while at camp, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. No medications will be given to campers unless a licensed physician has granted permission to do so on the camper’s Health Form or Physical Form.
  2. The physician must provide clear written instructions regarding the use of prescription medications on both the Health Form and the Physical Form.
  3. Use Camp Owahta Medication Authorization Form (to be signed by the physician) for EPiPen or Inhaler if camper will have the need for dosage given during stay at the camp by the nurse's station.
Sincerely, 4-H Camp Admin.

Last updated April 30, 2018