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2022 Horticulture Classes 

Master Gardener Volunteer Training

By Claudia Hitt Cornell Cooperative Extension of Cortland County Horticulture Educator and MGV Coordinator.

YES.... 2022 !  - Horticulture classes from Soils to Invasive Species will take place January - April, 2022 -  and are open to anyone interested in the topic the class offers. These classes correlate to the Master Gardener Volunteer Training. A Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV), is someone who enjoys gardening, the smell of soil, sharing experiences with others, giving back to the community and growing plants. It is a program through Cornell Cooperative Extension that bridges Cornell University research and knowledge with community organizations and individuals.

Master Gardener Volunteers (MGV) come in all shapes and sizes and experience levels. I learn something new every time I am out with the MGV group. There is a wonderful feeling of comradery and it’s great to have others around who understand and share your own enthusiasm and interests.

MGV training will be happening here in Cortland on Saturdays. 60 hours of Cornell approved training will be offered. There will be two class sessions per Saturday, one in the mornings 8:30 – 11:30 and one in the afternoons 12:30 – 3:30, with snow days built in (days off). In exchange for the education MGV receive, they are asked, here in Cortland, for 30 hours of community service per year.

The costs for a Cortland MGV is $50.00 or it is free with an increase of community service time to 45 hours for the first year. If you are interested stop by the Extension office for a Volunteer Application and set up a time to talk to the MGV Coordinator. People wishing to take the class(es) as a student and not volunteer may call the CCE Cortland office to register at 607-391-2660.

Student Tuition is $150.

Couples Tuition is $200.

Cortland MGV - $50(full course)

Student Cost Per Class is $30.00

(registration costs subject to change)

(You are a Master Gardener Volunteer only if you perform the community service.)

The MGV in Cortland oversee the Rain Garden at the fairgrounds, help with youth and adult education, do fundraising, some gardening, and have projects in other community gardens in Cortland County.

You can see pictures on our facebook page by going to Master Gardener Volunteers of Cortland County. There are garden pictures and photos of one of our great success stories – The Big Event. The Big Event happened on a spring day in early May, when SUNY Cortland students, alumni, faculty and other volunteers worked with local organizations to help spruce up and beautify our community for the summer.

There are all sorts of things for MGV to do from office work to finding recommendations for homeowners, field trips, articles to write, fundraising, Junior Fair help, carpentry and, of course, gardening.

On the website, the Volunteer Application can be found through the 4-H link.

For more information and to pick up a Volunteer Application, stop by the CCE office at 60 Central Ave., Rm. 140 or call 607-391-2660



Claudia Hitt
Horticulture Program Educator
607-391-2660 x409

Last updated January 8, 2020