This program is for individuals, ages 14 or 15, who wish to one-day join camp as a staff member, but want to gain some experience and training before applying. The program consists of leadership training, modules on youth development, group dynamics, a service project to camp, and other opportunities over the course of two sessions that will develop both your personal leadership skills, and your knowledge of how to work effectively with children in a camp setting.

What are the program dates?

We offer two CIT programs during the summer, both consist of the same material, and training.

  • CIT Week 1 - Sessions 2 and 3
  • CIT Week 2 - Sessions 4 and 5

You will leave camp on the weekends intersession and return to camp the following week like any other program at camp.

Why should I become a CIT?

Becoming a CIT is an opportunity to expand your knowledge base and skill set in working with children in a professional capacity. Working at camp is significantly different than babysitting or watching your friends or family members. Camp is a professional job and when you enter the camp world you are expected to possess certain skills and understanding. This program will help develop those skills and give you the opportunity to learn whether or not you wish to work in a professional camp setting in the future. Here you will learn positive leadership skills that are desired in all work settings.

Will I still have fun?

Of course you will! You still will be able to participate in all of the regular activities that any camper can, but you will have periods of the day where you will meet with the leadership team to develop those skills we have discussed. Also as CITs you will be interning eventually in a cabin with children, learning by doing!

This is interesting, how do I sign up?

This requires three pieces:

  1. Parent enrollment and recommendation. Your parents or guardians must register you for the program after you discuss your desire to come to camp as a CIT. This is done the same as any other registration at camp. 
  2. YOU must submit a cover letter and current resume to the Camp Director explaining why you wish to join us as a CIT. Part of the program will be discussing job skills and we will revisit these items during the summer. In the resume if you have no job experience use volunteering, or other items that would be of interest to a hiring manager. You are applying for this program as if this were any regular job.
  3. Finally you will interview with the Camp Director, and receive admission to the program after discussion.

Last updated February 8, 2017