The CIT program is designed to prepare older campers to become Counselors and Leaders at 4-H Camp Owahta.  The program is open to 15 and 16-year old campers and to selective 14-year old campers.  It is expected that the CIT campers will have had experience as a camper at 4-H Camp Owahta, through exceptions can be made with specific approval of the Camp Director.

The CIT program is comprised of a minimum of two weeks of training: CIT-1 and CIT-2.  All CIT campers must participate in both weeks of training, regardless of the number of years attending camp.


CIT-1 campers will be assigned to a cabin of their own age group and will assist the counselors in their cabin.  CIT-1 campers will also rotate through all program areas during the week, and will assist the counselors in the programs.  Training classes will also be provided on the following topics:

  • Cabin management
  • Camp Safety
  • Group Dynamics
  • Camp Leadership

Upon successful completion of the CIT-1 week, campers will be enrolled in the CIT-2 week.  The Camp Director might also suggest that the CIT-1 camper repeat CIT-1 week.


CIT-2 campers have successfully completed CIT-1 week.  Though Health Department regulations and 4-H Camp Owahta Policy does not allow CIT-2 campers to supervise campers alone, they will be given additional responsibilities and leadership opportunities under the supervision of the Counselor and the Camp Director.  CIT-2 campers will be assigned to a cabin, usually a cabin of young campers.  They will be assigned to a single program area during the week.

Upon successful completion of the CIT-2 week and the recommendation of the 4-H Camp Owahta Camp Director, CIT-2 week campers will be certified and eligible to become Camp Counselors at 4-H Camp Owahta

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This is interesting, how do I sign up?

This requires three pieces:

  1. Parent enrollment and recommendation. Your parents or guardians must register you for the program after you discuss your desire to come to camp as a CIT. This is done the same as any other registration at camp. 
  2. YOU must submit a cover letter and current resume to the Camp Director explaining why you wish to join us as a CIT. Part of the program will be discussing job skills and we will revisit these items during the summer. In the resume if you have no job experience use volunteering, or other items that would be of interest to a hiring manager. You are applying for this program as if this were any regular job.
  3. Finally you will interview with the Camp Director, and receive admission to the program after discussion.

Last updated May 22, 2018