4-H Independent Member

While 4-H clubs provide a wonderful group learning environment for positive youth development, there are situations where independent membership is a viable option. Independent 4-H members are enrolled in 4-H, but participate in planned learning outside of a club setting. Work is self-directed with the guidance and support of parents or mentors. Self-study, home study, mentoring or shadowing, and whole families learning together, are examples of 4-H independent membership.

Independent members can take the opportunity to enroll in 4-H and be able to take advantage of county activities and events such as 4-H Public Presentation,  Cortland County  Jr.  Fair, county workshops and various 4-H trips and community projects. Essentially,  the parent(s) or guardian(s) would serve as the 4-H Leader.

If you have questions about independent member enrollment, please call the 4-H office at 607-391-2660.

Last updated January 25, 2016