'The Incredible Years' is a 14-week program for parents of young children.
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'The Incredible Years' is a 14-week program for parents of young children.

The Incredible Years

    "The Incredible Years" is designed as a 14-week program for parents of young children. It offers the techniques for parents to prevent and manage serious childhood conduct problems, and gives parents opportunities to practice parenting tools.

      Incredible Years Goals:

      1. Increase social and emotional skills.

      2. Increase children’s problem solving skills and effective anger management strategies.

      3. Increase children’s positive attitude and empathy skills.

      4. Decrease children’s aggressive behavior and related conduct problems such as bullying and rejection, stealing and lying.

      5. Increase children’s on task school behavior, reading skills, and academic competence.

      6. Increase parents’ positive relationships and bonding with their children through child directed play and special time together.

      7. Increase parent’s understanding of temperament and normal developmental milestones.

      8. Encourage developmentally appropriate expectations.

      9. Increase parents’ positive communications skills, such as coaching skills, praise, and positive feedback to children.

      10. Reduce the use of criticism and unnecessary commands.

      11. Improve parents limit setting skills by replacing physical punishment with nonviolent discipline techniques.

      12. Promote positive strategies such as ignoring the child’s misbehavior, imposing logical consequences, providing redirection.

      13. Improve parents’ understanding of how to set up predictable routines, promote children’s responsible behavior and successfully monitor their children’s behavior.

      14. Increase family support networks and parents involvement with schools.

      15. Improve parent’s problem solving skills and anger management.

      Last updated April 1, 2015