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Parents Apart - Parent Education for Separating or Divorcing Parents

Parents Apart is an education program created for divorcing or separating parents to help them understand the impact of their breakup on their children. The main goal of the program is to teach parents ways they can reduce the stress of family changes and protect their children from the negative effects of ongoing parental conflict.

These topics are addressed in the Parents Apart curriculum

Identifying parent/child reaction to divorce/separation

Skills for helping children cope

 Post-separating parenting :  Co-parenting and/or parallel parenting

Communication between households

Identifying and managing stress for parents and children  and;

Mediated vs Collaborative Divorce

The program is certified by the New York State Parent Education and Awareness Program of the Office of Court Administration.  It is a 6-hour course consisting of two 3-hour sessions or a full 6 hour session.  Class size is limited.  You will not be placed in the same class as the other parent of your child(ren).

6-hour session attendance is required to receive a Certificate of Compliance.  Children are not permitted to attend the classes.  If an order or referral by a judge, he/she will be notified of course completion specifics.

Cost $25.00 program fee, payable to CCE Cortland County. 

LOCATION:   Classes held at:

Cornell Cooperative Extension - 60 Central Avenue, Room 138, 

County Office Building, Cortland, NY

Tel: 607-391-2660


Thursday:  February 18 & 25th - 6-9PM 

Saturday: May 8 - 9:30AM-3PM  

Thursday: August 19 & 26th - 6-9PM 

Saturday: November 13th 9:30AM - 3PM

Due to Covid all classes be held remotely via ZOOM 

ONCE Registration and Payment has been received 

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February 18th & 25th

May 8th 

August 19 & 25th

November 13th