June 18, 2022 - 4-H STEM CAMP



  • Saturday, June 18, 2022, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

2022 NYS 4-H STEM Camp

Youth do not have to be a 4-Her to attend!

Saturday, June 18, 2022

9 am to 4:30 pm

Ages 10 and older

4-H Camp Shankitunk, Delhi NY

Paper registration attached, or you can pay online through Paypal.

Online registration:

**Registration open until June 7th or until classes fill, whichever comes first.

Creating Art with Tech (The ‘A’ in STEAM) – Use robots, Spheros, to make a painting. Do you like to play with mud, how

about paint with it? That is right you can paint with soil! Then pull your entire STEM camp adventure together in an

immersive StoryMap.

GPS/Geocaching – Do you like to hunt for treasure? Do you like to go on scavenger hunts? Then GPS/Geocaching is for

you! Learn fundamentals of geocaching along with some other fun and amazing aspects of geospatial science.

Rocketry 1 and 2 – Do you want to build and launch a rocket that will fly over 400 feet into the air? How about a water and

air powered rocket as well? Experience the remarkable principles of how rockets work and the science of aerospace with

fun activities.

Rocketry 1 – beginners

Rocketry 2 – must have previous rocketry experience

Outdoor Survival – Do you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness? In this course we will practice skills that are

necessary for staying alive. We will spend the day outside learning fire and shelter building, cordage making and other

outdoor skills that will leave you better prepared for the unexpected. Dress for the weather, rain gear is a must!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who can attend camp?

Answer: Any youth 10 years and older

Question: Can my parents stay at camp?

Answer: Yes, parents may stay but must answer covid questionnaire. Parents who stay, please bring your own lunch, lawn

chair, and something to occupy your time.

Question: How much does it cost to attend?

Answer: $30 per youth participant

Question: What will I eat?

Answer: Please bring your own bag lunch. Snacks and water provided

Question: What will I need to bring?

Answer: Sneakers, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, plan for the weather (raincoat, umbrella, sweatshirt, etc.)

Question: Requirements?

Answer: Youth must answer covid questionnaire and submit all required medical release forms, code of conduct forms, etc.

How does NYS 4-H STEM Camp work?

This year, camp will be one day only. There are four classes to choose from. Each participant chooses one class to learn about for the day. You may choose between Creating Art with Tech, GPS/Geocaching, Outdoor Survival, and Rocketry 1 or 2

2. Class sizes are limited and will be filled first-come, first-serve basis, in order of registration and payment received.

Please contact Emily Roach with any questions at


Emily Roach


4-H Camp Shanakitunk
2420 Arbor Hill Raod
Delhi, NY 13753

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