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Registration is open for the 2021 Cortland Co. 4-H Market Sale Project.

Collins Market Hog Project


Jaylynn Swine Project


My name is Mackenzie I am 10 years old. I would like you to meet my 4-H project. His name is Blue. I live in Cortland County with my large family.  We have a small hobbie farm with lots of animal's. This is my first year raising a market Turkey. I learned a lot about what they need to love and thrive. I found out they love to listen to music when we are outside. The Turkeys gobbled and started to strutting.
My name is Katie. This is my first year raising turkeys. I help feed them twice a day, and I help move their pen. I like walking them with the cane too. They are like feathery dogs!


2021 Market Animals for Fair - Pre-Registration

  • Thursday, February 4, 2021, 12:00 PM - Saturday, May 1@ 12:00 PM


Registration is open for the 2021 Cortland County 4-H Market Sale Project. All 4-Hers interested in raising a market animal for the 2021 market sale at the Cortland County Junior Fair in July are required to register. You can register here

There are a few changes this year in that 4-Hers will be required to sign a contract stating they will meet the following requirements:

  • Show market animal at fair and Cortland Junior Fair in July.(Fair Week is July 6-10, 2021)
  • Sell animal at fair – through the market sale.
  • 4% of price goes to 4-H market sale account.
  • must bring a minimum of two buyers.
  • provide proof of buyers prior to auction.
  • Maintain a healthy animal.
  • somehow involved or present for shots, vaccines, castration, etc.
  • The logistics of processing turkeys & broilers will be handled by the 4-H parent.
  • Keep record book and understand the management decision that go into the book which must be turned into the 4-H office by Saturday of the fair to receive the market sale check.
  • Take part in the YQCA training.

If you haven’t already start thinking about getting your market animals now deadlines for acquiring the animals will come up quickly:

  • Market Turkeys – (must submit your chick order by February 7th for Bonnie to place the order)
  • Broiler chickens –(must submit your chick order by March 6 for chicks to arrive in May (through the 4-H office)
  • Swine (Owned by March the latest)
  • Lamb & Meat goats (Owned by April the latest)

Questions? Contact Dana Havas at CCE Cortland (607)391-2664 or email dmh353@cornell.edu




Dana Havas
Agriculture Team Leader

Last updated February 4, 2021