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2019 Recognition at the 74th Annual 4-H Achievement Night Awards Ceremony!


4-H Achievement Night 2019- Year End Awards Recognition

  • Saturday, October 26, 2019, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Recognition is an important component of the 4-H experience and  requires careful planning and development, just as any other teaching-learning strategy used to enhance personal growth supported by youth development professionals and volunteers.

On Saturday, October 26th4-H members, leaders, family, and friends were in attendance to celebrate the closing of the 2018-2019 and beginning the new 4-H year.The program started out with fun activities and games in the reception area at the Masonic Lodge, Cortland, NY. At 6:00 PM with our Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Teen Council President Brynn Poli welcoming and introduced teen council members Megan Underwood and Thomas White as the flag presenters.

Opening ceremony Annika Donlick and Marybeth Ortlieb to lead the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge. Completing the opening of the program everyone sang The National Anthem.

The first award recognition is the outstanding scorers in the dairy photo judging contest.

2019 Hoard’s Dairyman Photo Judging Contest program

  • Top club      Friendly Acres 4-H Club.
  • Top individuals 2019 Hoard’s Dairyman judging:
  • 1st Elsie Donlick, 2nd Damian Mathy, 3rd William Mathy, 4th Annika Donlick, 5th Caitlyn McCloy.

National 4-H Week Displays from 4-H clubs around the county create wonderful

4-H Window Displays sharing to the community.

  • Certificate recognition given to Marathon Maple Sugars and Cincy Country Kids 4-H Clubs.

Poster Display Option during the National 4-H week promoting 4-H to the community and we would like to recognize and award certificates to Super Seekers 4-H club and County Cackleberries 4-H Club.

  • Top Window display award receiving a $25 gift card to the National 4-H catalog was presented to Cincy Country Kids.

Top Honor Secretary recognition was given to the Annika Donlick submitting secretary reports consistently throughout the year for the Friendly Acres 4-H Club. On the 7th of each month the club secretary sends into the 4-H office their club monthly reports on a regular basis, this year we recognized the outstanding club instead of individual secretaries.

  • Gabryella Russell - Cincy Trailblazers,
  • Katherine Metcalf - Cincy County Kids 4-H Club
  • Marathon Maple Sugars 4-H Club
  • County Cackleberries 4-H Club
  • Super Seekers 4-H Club

Community Service certificates were presented for their outstanding community service.

  • Cincy Trailblazers
  • “R Own” 4-H Saddle Club,
  • Marathon Maple Sugars,
  • County Cackleberries 4-H Club and
  • 4-H Teen Council

Top Community Service plaque awarded to outstanding 4-H club:

  • §Cincy Trailblazers 4-H Club.

Honor Club recognition is given to an outstanding 4-H club programming accomplishments; meetings, tours, 4-H promotion, community service, enrollment and record keeping. Honor club certificates were given to Marathon Maple Sugars 4-H Club, County Cackleberries 4-H Club, Super Seekers 4-H Club, Cincy Trailblazers 4-H Club, Cincy Country kids 4-H Club and 4-H Teen Council.

  • Outstanding Honor 4-H Club Achievement Award receiving a $25 gift Certificate to the National 4-H Catalog is Marathon Maple Sugars 4-H Club.

The most import 4-H experience is participating in Public Presentations.Club members learn to express themselves clearly and confidently.

We would like to recognize:

  • County Cackleberries 4-H Club
  • Friendly Acres 4-H Club
  • 4-H Teen Council
  • New Penn Beefers 4-H Club
  • Super Seekers 4-H Club
  • Cincy Trailblazers 4-H Club    

66th Annual Cortland Co. Jr. Fair

Many awards are presented at the at the time they are earned. However, some of the exhibitors are not always available when the judging is completed. We wish to recognize and congratulate our youth and 4-H clubs for their excellent work on exhibit during the week long fair.

Herdsmanship FAIR award

4-H FAIR Youth Building awards:

Best Preserved Food Award   Elsie Donlick

Top Baking Awards   Boden Scanlon and Brynn Poli

Top Place Setting Awards   Ivy Phelps and Rachel Houston

Top Decorated Cake Awards   Nate Crispell and Rachel Houston

Special Food Contest Awards   Lexi Myrto and Rachel Houston

Top Photography Awards   Cailyn Poli and Sydney Scanlon

Outstanding 1st Year Sewer   Eli Donlick

Outstanding Clothing Awards   Elsie Donlick and Annika Donlick

Home Environment Award   Kristi Walley

Top Art Awards      Elle McNamara and Sydney Scanlon

Top Craft Awards   Elsie Donlick and Hannah Slade

Top Food Science              Gwyneth Scanlon

Top Science Award            Ryan Champion

Top Vet Science Award      Abby Thomas

Best Cut Flower Exhibit     Elsie Donlick

Best Window Box Exhibit      Cailyn Poli

Best Container Garden Exhibit     MacKenzie Zakarewicz

Best Theme Garden Exhibit         Saige Jackson

Largest Green Tomato Exhibit      Elsie Donlick

Outstanding Vegetable Exhibit      Boden Scanlon

All-Around Vegetable & Horticulture Exhibit     Boden Scanlon

Dairy Goat Milking Contest Award        Brooke Rauber

4-H Medal Recognition:

The purpose of 4-H awards is to recognize achievement in a 4-H project area. A 4-H project has a piece of specific curriculum or an individual topic expert (e.g. a veterinarian) attached to it and takes place over a long period of time (6 hours or more). It should be designed with sequential learning experiences (over a period of at least a few days or few weeks) exploring a general subject with the guidance of a project leader or mentor.

Delta Barber                  Horticulture, Visual Arts, Dairy Judging

Sam Birdsall                  Tractor Safety

Everett Brayman            Beef & Swine

Vera Cooper                   Arts & Crafts

Savannah Compton       Cooking

Nate Crispell                  Cake Decorating, Goats, Poultry, Horticulture

Annika Donlick               Beef, Cake Decorating, Tractor, Food & Nutrition

Elsie Donlick                  Beef, Food & Nutrition

Matt DuVall                    Tractor Safety

Elsa Hull                         Cavy, Cooking

Robert Houston              Tractor Safety

Saige Jackson                Horticulture

Katherine Knapp             Cooking

Josh Loomis                    Tractor Safety

Nathanael Mathy             Public Speaking

William Mathy                  Visual Arts

Caitlyn McCloy                Wood Science

Ruby Metcalf                   Horticulture

Nadia Phelps                   Arts & Crafts

Cailyn Poli                       Photography

Jadyn Poli                       Cake Decorating

Megan Robison               Achievement & Leadership, Hippology

Gwyneth Scanlon            Clothing & Textiles

Sydney Scanlon              Photography

Hannah Slade                 Swine

Caleigh Stone                  Dairy, Scrapbooking

Eli Teeter                         Community Service

Gabe Teeter                     Wood Science

Abby Thomas                   Vet Science, Rabbits

Alice Tylutki                      Cake Decorating

Adelina Viglietta               Cake Decorating

Kristi Walley                     Community Service, Scrapbooking

Hannah Wilbur                 Poultry, Rabbits

Master Medal - Woodworking                       Cody wilk

4-H Dairy Member Award                              Zoie Skinner

4-H Livestock Member Award                      Sonya Helms

4-H public presentation award                     Alice Tylutki

4-H Horse Member Award                             Lindsey Babcock, Jake Babcock, 

                                                                         Amelia Jaworski , Jenna Goodwin

2018-2019 ALL-AROUND 4-H MEMBERS       William Mathy, Elsie Donlick, Megan Robison

In closing the Achievement Night Awards evening, the Teen Council youth members held a traditional Candlelight Ceremony and refreshments were shared to end the evening. A Special Thank You to our sponsors, volunteers, friends, parents, grandparents, alumni 4-H’ers and businesses that support and sponsor trophies, plaques, and cash awards for the youth fair and year-end awards. Thank you to the Masonic Lodge for the use of their location for 4-H activities throughout the year.


Masonic Lodge
1883 State Route 13
Cortland, NY 13045

Last updated November 6, 2019