Find resources here to help you manage your woodlot.

Find resources here to help you manage your woodlot.

Rural Land Use

CCE of Cortland County supports rural landowners with resources in a number of areas.  Find information here on how to manage your woodlot, burning regulations, how to build and maintain a pond, and more.


Woodlot Management

Visit our section of pages on Woodlot Management for resources that can help you make your woods healthier and more productive.

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Open burning denmark

Open Burning

New open burning regulations now prohibit burning across New York State with only a few exceptions. Make sure you know the laws before you burn.

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Finger lakes landlink

Finger Lakes LandLink

Are you a farmer looking for land, or a landowner with acreage you'd like to rent or lease? Let Finger Lakes LandLink make your match!

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Cattails farm pond

Build a Pond

A pond can add beauty and utility to your property. Our resources may be helpful if as you consider building a pond, or managing an existing one.

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Chain saw

Chainsaw Safety

Find resources to help you choose a chainsaw that's right for you, and guidelines for using it safely and effectively, here on our Chainsaw Safety page.

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Timber Income

You can benefit financially from your woodlot. Check out how on our page.

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Last updated August 13, 2014