NY State Fair

State Fair Information

4-H Youth Building Exhibits--all non-perishable entries (art, photography, crafts etc.) due to the 4-H office by Monday, August 21st. Green cards and Exhibitor Entry Statement must be filled out and attached to each exhibit.

Exhibitor Entry Statement

Animal Entries are due in the office by August 7th:

Overnight lodging options: For adults and youth that are staying overnight when showing animals

  1. In the youth dorm in the 4-H Building with an approved chaperone, adults and youth must fill out the dorm registration forms and submit to the 4-H office. Cost is $2/night and must be paid to the 4-H office prior to the fair.
    1. Youth dorm registration form
    2. Adult dorm registration form
  2. Off site at a motel/hotel or private residence or on-site in a camper with a parent/guardian, must complete Dorm Exception form and hand in to 4-H office:Dormitory Exemption Form
  3. In the dairy barn--only for those showing dairy cattle and must have an approved chaperone, must complete the Dorm Exemption form and hand in to 4-H office:Dormitory Exemption Form

NY State Fair Youth Livestock Book

NYS Youth Department Schedule

Animal Entry Forms:

Beef Cattle entry form

Poultry Show entry form

Swine Show entry form

Sheep Show entry form


Goat exhibitor letter

Dairy Goat entry form

Meat Goat entry form


Rabbit/cavy exhibitor letter

Rabbit/cavy entry form

Rabbit/cavy Day of Show entry form

Rabbit Decathalon Information

Dairy Cattle:

Dairy Cattle exhibitor letter

Dairy Cattle entry form

Dairy Code of Conduct and Overnight Rules

4-H State Code of Conduct

Last updated August 7, 2017