NY State Fair

State Fair Information

All forms are due to the 4-H office by August 8th.

Overnight lodging options: For adults and youth that are staying overnight when showing animals

  1. In the youth dorm in the 4-H Building with an approved chaperone, adults and youth must fill out the dorm registration forms and submit to the 4-H office. Cost is $2/night and must be paid to the 4-H office prior to the fair.
    1. Youth dorm registration form
    2. Adult dorm registration form
  2. Off site at a motel/hotel or private residence or on-site in a camper with a parent/guardian, must complete Dorm Exception form and hand in to 4-H office:Dormitory Exemption Form
  3. In the dairy barn--only for those showing dairy cattle and must have an approved chaperone, must complete the Dorm Exemption form and hand in to 4-H office:Dormitory Exemption Form

NY State Fair Youth Livestock Book

Animal Entry Forms:

Beef Cattle entry form

Poultry Show entry form

Swine Show entry form


Goat exhibitor letter

Dairy Goat entry form

Meat Goat entry form


Rabbit/cavy exhibitor letter

Rabbit/cavy entry form

Rabbit/cavy Day of Show entry form

Dairy Cattle:

Dairy Cattle exhibitor letter

Dairy Cattle entry form

Dairy Code of Conduct and Overnight Rules

4-H State Code of Conduct

Last updated July 22, 2016