This incubator is one of the kinds that we have available for rental.

This incubator is one of the kinds that we have available for rental.

Incubation and Embryology for Schools

The is our resource page for the Incubation and Embryology Program. The information found here can be used to answer frequently asked questions, provide you with information about the entire incubation process, and information about your incubator. Please print off any piece of information that you may need! 

Welcome to the I&E program! Please read these: Suggestions for successful incubation

Hatching Guidelines

On-line registration link to rent incubator and purchase eggs:I&E Registration

Frequently Asked Questions!

What happens if the power goes out? In Case of Power Outage

Looking for an all-in-one instructions, troubleshooting, etc.? Try this Thermal Air Flow Model

How do we look at our eggs?

Our chicks have hatched. How can we safely allow our students to handle them? Carrying and Handling

Are you looking for something to post for your students? 

Incubator Information

How to Make a Wet Bulb Thermometer

Sanitation of Incubator and Equipment

Laws and Regulations

Baby Chicks Laws and Regulations


Concerns of I&E in Preschool and Elementary School

Dangers of Avian Influenza


Brooding Unit for Small Numbers of Birds

Locating Incubation Problems

Suggestions for Successful Incubation

Some in depth information about the incubation period!

Dear Parents and Educators (Eggs in a Classroom)

From the Egg to the Chick

Incubators in the Classroom A Guide for Teachers

Shh We're Hatching Here

Some Reasons for Poor Hatch

Suggestions for Successful Incubation

What is an Egg?

Chicken Facts and Fables

Last updated March 13, 2018